Chef slicing sushi roll on wooden board with fresh ingredients like avocado, cucumber, and fish in the background.

How to Slice Sushi

Jun 17, 2024Roman G

National Sushi Day

International Sushi Day is June 18th, 2024 and we're celebrating with our guide to slicing sushi like a pro!

Slicing Sashimi

Slicing Fish

When preparing fish for roll filling, it's important to select the right cut. The ideal piece is a strip of fish with a cross-section of around ¾" X ¾" and a length of 8", which matches the length of a sushi roll. However, it's perfectly fine to use mismatched pieces to fill the roll, as these variations are unlikely to be noticed once the roll is finished and cut. This flexibility allows you to utilize end pieces and other misshapen cuts effectively.

Achieving thin slices will be best for a well-balanced roll. If you're not planning to make any nigiri or sliced fish roll topping, you can simply slice the fillet into approximately ¾" X ¾" cross-section strips. For the best texture, make these cuts perpendicular to the grain of the fish, which will make the fish less chewy.

Mincing fish for mixes like spicy tuna is relatively simple compared to other slicing techniques. The minced fish can be used as a flavorful filling that adds a different texture and taste to the roll. This method is particularly useful for incorporating various flavors and creating a more complex sushi roll.

Proper Cutting Technique

Hold the knife at a 15-degree angle and make smooth, clean slices against the grain of the fish. This method, known as hirazukuri, involves cutting the fish into thick, rectangular slices to enjoy its meaty texture. The single pulling motion towards the body helps achieve uniform slices.

Knife Selection

The sharpness of your knife is key to having a smooth slice. If your knife is dull, the rice will fray and the contents of your roll will push out of the wrap. The perfect knife for cutting sushi is the SolBlade Santoku Knife. The unique "sheep's foot" tip allows for precise control of the blade. SolBlade is known for having the best sharp blades because they use Japanese Damascus steel. You can even filet your fish with the SolBlade Paring Knife. The best kitchen knives will help you impress your friends with your new sushi skills!

Slicing Sushi Rolls

When preparing sushi rolls, the first step is to ensure that the fish is cut into thin, uniform strips. This is crucial for even distribution within the roll. The fish should be sliced into long, narrow strips, approximately 1/4 inch wide. Consistency in size helps in achieving a balanced flavor and texture in each bite.

Once the fish is ready, the next step is to slice the roll itself. This can be a bit tricky, as it's easy to crush the roll or displace the ingredients. To avoid this, use a very sharp knife. The key is to use a smooth, single motion to cut through the roll, ensuring that each piece is cleanly sliced without squashing the roll.

Maintaining the sharpness of your knife is essential for making clean cuts. A dull knife can ruin the presentation and texture of your sushi rolls. Regularly honing and sharpening your knife will help you achieve professional results. SolBlade knives come with an instruction sheet on how to properly care for your knives to keep them sharp and at their best.

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